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Softwares to download

Init Games

    The Ease Working Philips is an excellent graphical interface with many resources, but only works on MSXDOS1. Below you can download of the version in files and DSK image. They are in ZIP format.

Ease Working Philips (files, 157 Kbytes)

Ease Working Philips (DSK image, 143 kbytes) 

    The Easy DOS (of Juan Salas) is an excellent graphical interface that works on MSXDOS2. Despite it is very good, it has minus resources that Ease of Philips. Below, you can download the complete version I use on my turbo R, including the Command 2.41 and many DOS utilities softs (MSXDEBUG, TED, etc.). It´s enough to copy all files on a subdirectory on HD. The complete version fill almost 3 disks of  720K, therefore there are 3 DSK images. They are in ZIP format.

Easy DOS of Juan Salas (files, 510 Kbytes)

Easy DOS of Juan Salas (3 DSK images, 648 Kbytes)

Init Games

    The Init Games are softs used for to boot games originally wrote to run on cartridges. They was very common at the "gold years" of MSX, but many of them not work correctly, because they aren´t fully compatibles with the MSX standard, normally for not foresee the secondary slots. Some was worst, because they search the words "Hotbit" or "Expert" or anothers in the Main ROM to select the slot where was installed the main memory. That Init Games normally not work on MSX2 or up. Because of this, I developed, in 1991, my own Init Games. There are only 4 tiny routines, but they are totally compatibles with MSX standard. The explanation how to use is in .TXT file (in portuguese). They are in ZIP format.

Init Games (files, 2 Kbytes)


    It´s a pompous name for three small BASIC softs: MiniWord, MiniPlan and MiniData. They was developed by me in 1987/1988, without that I saw, in fact, how these softs work. For this, they are different in many aspects of this kind of softs. The MiniWord is a mini text processor. Even so frugal resources, it has an interesting characteristic: it automatically hyphenize the text (portuguese). The MiniPlan is a minicalc soft and the MiniData is a minibank of data. They are here to download for curiosity only. They are in ZIP format.

MiniOffice (files, 18 Kbytes)

TED in english

    TED is a very practical text editor, with several resources. It also accept line-command under MSXDOS. Below, you can download the english version of  the TED.

TED in english (files, ZIP format, 19 Kbytes)


   The Oracle is a music editor with many resouces, like the excellent FAC Soundtracker.

Oracle (DSK image, ZIP format, 261 Kbytes)