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MSX Top Secret Project

    This project aim the creation of a book that contains the maximum possible of information about MSX, in purpose to assist in the creation of new softwares for the MSX.

    The first edition was finalized in may of 1996 and had 242 pages. It was fully editored in one MSX turbo R by using the word processor Tasword 2 with little modifications and printed in a matricial LX300 printer. It was photocopied and bound in spiral.

    The second edition was finalized in april of 2004 and has 528 pages. In this time, it was editored in one PC and printed in laser. It had bound sewing and hard book cover. I will be translated to english as soon possible. Unfortunatelly, my english is very bad...

    Below, you can download the original files of MSX Top Secret 1 (DSK image and files) for to be used on MSX, the MSX Top Secret 1 converted in PDF in 06/24/2004 and of the table of contents of the MSX Top Secret 2 (PDF file). The resumed guides inserted in it can be downloaded in the Documentation section. Sorry, portuguese only for instance.  The pictures of oficial delivery to Municipal Library of my city can be viewed on section photos.

Original DSK image of the MSX Top Secret 1 (Portuguese, ZIP, 173 Kbytes)

Original files of the MSX Top Secret 1 (Portuguese, ZIP, 196 Kbytes)

MSX Top Secret 1 converted in PDF file (Portuguese, 574 Kbytes)

Table of contents of the  MSX Top Secret 2 (Portuguese, PDF, 133 Kbytes)